The final Sublime Text 3 setup for the people that are diligently devoted to competitive programming using C++ and Python

Sublime Text 3 Editor

During a programming contest on sites like CodeForces, Codechef, or Google Kickstart and many more, our main goal is to be as quick and efficient as possible with our logic and coding.

There is a saying by Abraham Lincoln, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.”

But in today’s technological world despite having a lot of editors and spending six hours or more, still some editors become sometimes…

The Final Step to Rock the Internet World

Julia Set

I have seen myself and also my friends get confused about what do with our Awesome websites and web applications. How to deploy them on web so that we can show case our creations?

Well after guided by documentations of various platforms including Heroku, Streamlit, GitHub, etc. I have concluded everything in this blog to deploy Website (Static and Dynamic), and Streamlit Python Application on the web.

Let’s create the scene 👁

I. Deployment of Python Streamlit Application on Heroku

Step 1 : Build your Python Streamlit App and test it locally (no need to mention, I know…)

streamlit run

Step 2 : Create requirements.txt file :

Why requirements.txt and what is it ?

Well, it consists of everything about the libraries and frameworks that you have used in…


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